To spread the light of spiritualism is the main aim of Aadhyatmic Chetna Samiti (Regd.).Along with fulfilling social responsibilities; Samiti is also dedicated for the welfare of Handicapped people.
A public library for blind people

Open a school and a hostel for blind girls

Build up an "Old Age Home"for handicapped people and the like.
At present, for the Educational & Social welfare of visually handicapped people, your help would prove a boon.

So that it brings about welfare for blind people.Your Financial Co-operation would be exempted under
income Tax act section 80 (G).
We are hopeful that your financial co-operation would help us to carry out our planning smoothly & successfully.
In accordance with this Samiti wants to build up
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We need your co-operation for the following activities of Samiti
20 C D Cassettes (for one blind student) 

50 Audio Cassettes (for one blind student) 

Curriculum books (in Braille - One whole set for one blind student)

One Branded C D Player (for one blind student )

Scholarship/Talent Prize (for one blind student)

Prize in Musical Competition(for one blind student)

Aadhyatmic  Braille Books (for one blind student - 10 Set)

Blind Helpage Camp  (per blind person)

To establish a Hostel for blind girls (free boarding, lodging &
Medical Facilities for 20 blind girls)

To establish a library for blind people

To establish a Vocational Training Institute for Blind people

To establish "Aadarsh Sangeet Vidyalaya "

To buy a printing Machine for Printing Braille Books 

To establish an Old Age Home for Blind People
Rs.              200/-

Rs.              850/-

Rs.            1000/-

Rs.            4500/-

Rs.            2500/-

Rs.            2500/-

Rs.            3000/-

Rs.            3000/-

Rs.      1,25,000/-

Rs.      3,00,000/-

Rs.      4,00,000/-

Rs       4,00,000/-

Rs       5,00,000/-

Rs      7,00,000/-
The donation received by you will be utilized for the educational development and upbringing of blind person.
You can also contribute your help to blind people on the occassion of Birthday, Marriage or Anniversaries of your family members.

Your financial co-operation in this respect is Exempted under
Income Tax act section 80 (G). Please send your amount in favour of the "Aadhyatmic Chetna Samiti" by Cheque/Cash or draft at the office address of the Samiti. You can also deposit your money in State Bank of India. Account No. 10113006159